“Does your brand have a lot to shout about but not enough space to say it? Then why not try the new and innovative Peel and Reseal 3 layer 5 sided construction, which enables you to include variable information about your product, without compromising the external appearance!

The benefit of this construction is that it allows for extensive text to be collated in one area, without the need for additional packaging, a staple for products with various language variants or the need to communicate important information.

The unique adhesive tab on the top layer of the label, allows the label to peel back easily without tear and reclose, without the loss of any information! The added benefit of this is that the consumer can read the information prior to purchase, without damaging the packaging on shelf. Along with the scope of having 5 sides of information, the centre layer also offers a tear off coupon which can be saved for promotional offers, ingredients, etc. The base layer fixed to the product, means the vital information regarding the product remains intact!”