Shrink Sleeves

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Many major container manufacturers have already decided to move from printed cans to Shrink Sleeve with good reason! From the appearance on shelf, a labelled can look the same as a pre-printed can to the consumer: to the manufacturer, the process brings huge benefits in terms of commercial savings, logistics & inventory control plus the ability to increase flexibility of production runs within the aerosol manufacturing plant.
For marketers smaller print runs are commercially more viable which means that ad hoc promotions can be implemented more cost effectively without disrupting production efficiencies.

A shrink sleeve is a “heat shrinkable” seamed flexible label which can be used as an alternative to self adhesive labels for product decoration. Supplied on a continuous reel and applied to the container then shrunk using either hot air or steam. The sleeve shrinks to the container giving 360° decoration and graphics. 
Produced using up to 11 colours, shrink sleeves can also be used as a vehicle for marketing activities or tactical promotions. Sleeves can be used for visual tamper evidence of product and used on unusual and non-standard shape glass, metal or plastic containers. 
For added decoration a range of print finishes can be utilised including glitter varnishes, rainbow inks, spot holographic effects and matt and gloss varnishes to create impact and stand out at shelf edge.

Heat Shield Sleeves

Leading Edge have launched a new sleeve material for encapsulating microwaveable pots which reduces the surface temperature after heating.
As an unlabelled pot (which on its surface can reach 80°C after heating) is likely to cause discomfort and potentially burn consumers who remove it too soon from the microwave.  
The new sleeve material reduces pot surface temperature by upto 30° bringing the average surface temperature down to between 35-40°C and maximum temperature down to 55°C (both being within the recommended 60° safe handling temperature for plastic).
The sleeves are machine applied and can shrink up to 55% and are suitable for shaped pots and containers.

Celebrating 20 years of innovation at Leading Edge Labels and Packaging

As innovative labelling & packaging specialists, we are continually developing new products

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Large Food Retailer

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Technical Manager, Food Producer

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Material Manager, Global Consumer Brand

“Leading Edge Labels and Packaging are an existing supplier of ours who we purchase Self Adhesive Labels and Film Aerosol Can Wraps for our products.
They introduced us to Shrink Sleeves which they also manufacture at their site, we have never thought about using Shrink Sleeves for our products and how they could help to improve the look of the product and provide us with a solution when we require a greater amount of print to be on the containers. They have guided us through the process and we will be launching three trigger products using printed Shrink sleeves into the marketplace.”

Purchasing Manager, DIY Brand

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Quality Manager, Global Consumer Brand

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