Amongst the many products on the market, it is difficult to gain shelf presence. Leading Edge Labels and Packaging was tasked with finding a solution to make consumers stop when walking up or down the aisle, long enough to read what our client has on offer, along with making the consumers buy, rather than choosing a competitor’s merchandise.

Our shelf edge promotional stopper is a UK’s first. It fixes to the product itself, promoting from both sides, therefore whichever direction the consumer approaches the aisle, the product is noticed. This has caused sales to flourish, resulting in the biggest period of off – shelf sales and as a result our clients gaining an award. This 2 layer, peel and reseal mechanic allows you to include text or images on the inner pages, which can be opened and closed and can also include a URN (unique code for competitions to drive website activity) on the inside.

This stopper required a technical approach ensuring the visual intent was achieved. We used High Definition plates, placing a varnish over top of the black to present a deluxe appearance. Leading Edge worked very closely with our client to accomplish the end result, thus providing a high quality, finished product, which in turn gave a superb shelf presence.