Leading Edge – a ‘Green’ business
Leading Edge Labels and Packaging recognises that its activities have an environmental implication in both the long and short term; therefore the business has set itself objectives moving forward to address sustainability and environmental concerns. The company is continually working to:
     – Aim to lessen environmental damage and increase where possible the opportunities for environmental enhancement
     – Consider the environmental impact as a vital part of the decision making process
     – Encourage personal effort on the part of all employees and sub-contractors to reduce or prevent environmental damage and to act as a good     neighbour to those affected by our activities
    – Provide and exhibit this policy and such written instructions as are necessary to aid its implementation
     – Co-operate with others to improve environmental conditions.

The areas where we believe Leading Edge must consider its impact on the environment are as follows:

Waste Products
As a manufacturing process we unfortunately operate internal waste. While we work continuously to reduce this waste it is a by product of the printing process.
What we do with this waste is important for the environment to ensure that is doesn’t end up in landfill.
We separate waste streams into cardboard, PE, PP, PET streams and these are recycled wherever possible. Any remaining waste which cannot be separated is used for incineration for energy recovery.

Energy usage
The primary energy source used to run our factories is electricity. This provides a clean energy source with the result that the CO2 emissions from our factories are very low. In the UK 29% of electricity is now generated from renewable sources (wind and solar) and 24.5% being generated from Nuclear which again results in very low CO2 emissions.
The only fossil fuel used in our factories is gas, which is used during the winter months to heat the offices and factories.
In addition we have introduced new energy lighting and movement light sensors in all our offices and factory areas resulting in a 67% energy consumption saving on lighting, equal to 28.7 tonnes of CO2.
We introduced a campaign to switch off any excess UV lamps on the printing presses when running a lower number of colours. Each lamp is 12Kw, equivalent to 300 normal light bulbs, so this policy saves a lot of energy.
We run a Leading Edge ‘switch off’ campaign – all staff to switch off lights/computer monitors/wall switches etc. We intend to invest in Solar Power during 2019 so that we can supply some of our own electricity usage.

Noise and impact on the local community
Our site is well located in a designated industrial area, away from local housing. Although we operate 24 hours per day, we do not create any noise as all functions are housed inside the factories so we do not adversely affect any local communities or residential areas. The Lorries that deliver to our factories also do not need to pass through any residential areas.

Distribution and transportation of products
Wherever possible we try to minimise the effect of transportation of our products by double stacking pallets and trying to make up full loads for transportation to local warehouses close to our customers. Similarly because we have large warehouses for raw materials on site at our production factory, we order larger batches of raw materials for delivery in full lorry loads at each delivery.

Employee Health and Safety
We are committed to ensuring safe and fair working conditions and transparent, respectful collaboration with all of our employees.

We transparently inform our customers about our sustainability commitment and work with them to achieve sustainable product solutions.

Innovation vs Sustainability – Our Responsibility
The business has over 160 employees, some of which have been with the business since it first started. With this wealth of experience, we have continued to innovate and craft new technologies/products that require alternative sources of natural raw materials. We continue to develop our customer’s product ranges through Innovation days and business updates with our customers, keeping them up to date with what we are working on in the business which could act as an alternative for them moving forward. We are forward thinking with our capabilities and innovations, this enables us to meet our customers’ corporate needs and goals of a sustainable future.

Leading Edge has now introduced apprenticeships to the business so knowledge, training and fresh approaches can continue for years to come.