Leading Edge runs a 24-5 operated studio which offers a full project management and artworking service.

Services offered include; consultancy, artwork reviews, keyline creations, in house GMG production, mock ups, in-house repro and plate making all covering multi-sku launches.

HD FLEXO, an alternative for gravure and offset

High Definition Plate Technology

HD Flexo is the next step in high quality flexo printing and is a process for making flexographic (flexo) plates. The improved HD plate gives a much finer dot and the ability to produce a higher quality and more consistent print than standard digital flexo plates.

The quality of the plate on press is far superior to standard flexo, which was already very good. There is now more definition in the tones and no longer a hard drop-off of the dot, fading to nothing is now achievable – Technical Director, Leading Edge

Bringing consistency, vibrant colours and increased print quality, HD Flexo raises the industry standard in Flexo printing closing the gap between Flexo and Gravure and Offset. The improved technology means Flexo printing can now compete with offset quality for labels and with Gravure quality for printing on flexible packaging. The new HD plate has a superior surface texture that transfers ink in a more efficient way. This reduces ink reticulation resulting in greater optical density for a larger colour space and superior whites.

Click here to see our award for HD flexo print compared to Gravure

HD Flexo can be a much more cost effective solution for printed packaging when compared to both Gravure and Offset.

“The quality of the plate on press is far superior to standard Flexo, which was already very good. There is now more definition in the tones. There is no longer a hard drop-off of the dot. Fading to nothing is now achievable!” – Technical Director Leading Edge

Online Approval System

Leading Edge uses a dynamic online approval system which allows customers to review artwork in detail, looking at separations before artwork is offically approved for print. This system enables creation of approval chains for totally transparent artwork approval.

The benefits are 24-7 secure online access via mobile, tablet or laptop and there is also a project management scheduler and up-to-the-minute messaging system which keeps users fully informed of the job status ensuring that the ever important dead line is met.

Technical Assistance

You can be guaranteed which ever form of packaging you are interested in we have a member of our International Sales Team who can assist you. We will always ensure that we allocate the most skilled person to suit your project and will go as far as advising on materials, attending any pre trials and recommending any machinery or co packer support you may need to get your product to market – delivered looking exactly as you intended!

Specialist Decoration

Decoration possibilities when working with Leading Edge are endless. We are able to supply all of our products with the following effects;

Holographic, Lamination, Foil, Emboss, Scented, Fluro, Glow in Dark, Thermochromic (heat activated colour changing), Matt, Gloss, Soft Touch, Wet look, Silk Screen, cut out, Scratch off, Unique Numbering.

The difference with Leading Edge being that commercially these effects are not out of reach as everything we produce is in line in one pass making Leading Edge the right option for your show stopping design projects!