Fresh challenges are always there to be overcome but none are more important to address than the effect that packaging has on our environment. Our industry is more aware than ever of the negative impact that some products can have on the world around us and Leading Edge, as an innovative and environmentally aware company, have come up with an alternative solution to traditionally produced plastic Girofilm.

This paper giro or “Bioband” is constructed in the same way as regular giro but crucially, the paper top layer reduces the use of plastic by 70% and the product is bio-degradable. This means an enormous reduction on environmental impact when the packaging is eventually disposed of.

This eco friendly and cost effective alternative does not compromise on quality and brand consistency is still paramount. It can also be utilised with existing netting machinery so no extra hidden costs either!

Leading Edge have always led the way in packaging innovation and with this latest step, have shown that we are leading the way in the fight to save our planet too. So the next time that you have a need for Girofilm, why not give our Bioband a try instead?